Horizontal Fly screen with Threshold-H51T

Available Models

  • MODEL H51T: H51 is a roll-up fly mesh with a flat threshold for Horizontal use only. The roll-up fly mesh can be manufactured to your requirements with the following maximum measurement: Single Sided 1300 Width(mm) 2500 Height(mm), Double Sided 2600 Width(mm) 2500 Height(mm)

Technical Specifications

    The unit is designed for: EASY TO FIX, EASY TO USE AND EASY TO MAINTAIN
    The shrink wrap pack includes complete material needed for installation. Each pack is clearly marked with identification and measurement specifications. Our unique “clip on system” ensures quick and simple installation. The standard unit can be easily shortened as required. No screws or installation part are visible. Fly mesh is stored and protected in the head box if not in use
    All material used in the manufacturing process are in accordance to their relevant standards
    Aluminum: ALLOY AA6063 in accordance to BS: 1474; DIN: 17615 Part-2
    Power Coating: UV resistance RAL color, in accordance to BS: 6496: ISO: 2360
    Fiber Glass Mesh, u PVC coated: Fire retardant, in accordance to ASTM D 5035
    Plastic Parts: Nylon 66 in accordance to ASTM D1044,* (Color Black or White)
    Rolli products are available in all RAL colors in addition wide range of wood color with green. Design are also available match your frame and wall environment
    Measurement should be given as indicated overleaf. Include model TYPE, your identification numbers and the details of accessories (Handles and Colors). For special application a sketch should be provided
    In each pack complete installation instructions are included which should be followed. However, fixing can vary on a case to case basis (Frame to frame)

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