Aluminum Windows & Doors Maintenance

Aluminium Windows and Doors repair by experts

Every villa, house, office, apartment or building needs Aluminum Doors & Windows. If you are facing Aluminum Doors & Windows repair problem then you need a Handymen services. Usually, we assume it like such kind of Aluminum Doors And Windows tasks will take hours to fix or repair but in reality, it’s just a job of minutes but only if it’s done by an Expert.

Almost everyone face  Aluminum Doors & Windows repair problem, so before you make it worse or expensive for yourself by ‘Do It Your Self’ thing it’s better to stop and hire a qualified handymen who is expert in handling such kind of fixing.

  • Replace locking mechanisms 
  • Fix draught problems
  • Replace door & window handles
  • Replacement window panels
  • Rubber seal repairs
  • Renew / replace hinges
  • Window and door realignment
  • Upgrade door hardware
  • Cat / Dog flaps fitted
  • Replacement letterboxes
  • Upgrade glazed panels
  • Replacement door panels
  • Work guaranteed for 12 months
  • Lock / handle upgrades