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Blinds are commonly used to protect you from sun/glaring light and nosy prying eyes. The product casing is made out of aluminum and fitted with a blind canvas by your choice.(Shading %, blackout and design). A wide variety of blind canvases are available and samples can be provided on request.
Our blinds can be used and installed to almost any kind of existing Windows and Openings.
Blinds are available in a wide range of RAL colors and will be an economic solution against heavy draw curtains.
Blinds can be easily and comfortable operated by hand with a ball chain or with a remote controlled motor device and stopped at any given point.

Provides privacy and protection from sunlight and prying eyes
Economic solution to replace heavy curtains
Simpler to install than curtains
Adds elegance to any roomEasy operation by hand or remote control
Blinds can be positioned at any point. e.g.closed or as required
Easily serviced, maintained and cleaned
Can be easily installed onto any frame.